Names of God

A Bible Study on some of the many names of God...


What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet.
— Juliet Capulet

As God inspires our parents, to assign our name, to bring light to who we are, we look to the meaning of God’s own name to know Him better. For some, it requires a little more digging than others to understand our own names — thanks hipster parents. But, lucky for us, God has left us many names in Sacred Scripture to discover who He is. And the most riveting part of all is that His names are perfect, for He perfectly embodies all of them. 

He is Word, Alpha and Omega, Creator, Father, Immanuel, light, Son, Teacher, Shepherd, Servant, Savior, Lamb, Bread of Life, the Way, Truth, and Life, Chief Cornerstone, Mediator, and King of Kings. 

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