Names of God Day 9 // He is Rabbi(Teacher)

Image by Death to Stock

Image by Death to Stock

John 3:1-21

Growing up, I absolutely loved school. I was that kid. The one who said, “goodbye” to her teachers at the end of the day and did her homework during recess. For some reason, I felt at home in the classroom. My teacher was a second parent.

But, as comfortable as I was in the classroom, I was just as uncomfortable if I was corrected for doing something wrong. It was as though my whole world would come crashing down in an instant. 

In many ways, my experience with the divine teacher has been the same. I have learned a multitude of lessons through the lens of my apparent embarrassment. It has taken many years to realize that it is okay to be wrong.

But, I’m so grateful I have, for the divine teacher never desires to point the finger at us for doing wrong, but rather point His finger in the direction of doing good. And that perspective changes everything. 

Throughout the Gospels, there are many stories of Jesus as teacher and many stories (parables) that Jesus teaches. But, Jesus’ interaction with Nicodemus in John 3:1-21 stands out to me as the perfect representation of who He is as teacher:

1. He has the authority – Nicodemus recognizes Jesus as teacher and His teachings from 

God (John 3:2). We can trust that Jesus has come in the name of the Father.

2. He wants you to ask hard questions – Nicodemus doesn’t hesitate to ask Jesus how it is 

that His teachings are true (John 3:4). We must not be afraid to ask those hard questions. 

For, it is in seeking Truth that we will come to grow in our faith.

3. He is patient – Jesus responds with encouragement and clarity (John 3:5-8). He desires 

our understanding, not chastisement. 

4. He will challenge you – Jesus challenges Nicodemus in His faith (John 3:10-12). 

Growth is not without a little bit of pain. 

5. He desires your understanding – Jesus gives Nicodemus the whole story (John 3:14-21). He wants us to understand, not just know. In our lives, when we feel as though we’ve been “schooled” by whatever lesson life decides to throw at us, remember how Jesus taught Nicodemus – patient, encouraging, understanding.

This is how He is teaching you. Jesus is a good teacher; He is not one to be feared. He will not ridicule us.He says,

“Amen, Amen, I hear you… but, listen closely and I will tell you the rest.” 

Today thank Jesus for being a good and loving teacher and ask Him for the patience to accept the times that you are wrong.