Names of God Day 3 // He is Alpha and Omega

Image by Freely Photos

Image by Freely Photos

Revelation 1:8  Revelation 21:1-8

If you need something to keep you up at night, ponder the concept of eternity before you shut your eyes. 

I’ve definitely made this mistake before…

What is it about the concept of eternity that freaks me out? Shouldn’t I rejoice that the joy I will (please Jesus!) find in Heaven will fully satisfy me forever? Am I afraid that it won’t be what I thought it would be? Or am I just afraid of what I don’t know? Cause you bet your bottom dollar I have no clue what eternity feels like.

In the book of Revelation, God tells John to write these words down because they are trusting and true Revelation 21:5:

“I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.”

Oh, how God loves a good paradox. If He is both the beginning and the end, we can be confident that He will never forget us. If He thought of us at the beginning of time, He sure will not forget us in the end. He will dwell with us Revelation 21:3 and always be with us.

Do not fear dear sisters. He will not cease to exist. His love will never end! Remember that moment you really encountered God’s tender heart? This is the love you will encounter for all of eternity! 

And just how incredible is that!? 

Take some time today to thank God for preparing a place for you in heaven. Ask Him for the grace to never lose sight of the goal. Praise Him for His incredible gift!