Names of God Day 11 // He is Servant

Image by Death to Stock

Image by Death to Stock

John 13:1-20 Mark 10:45

There are so many “nice pictures” that we entertain throughout Christianity. Being Christ’s hands and feet is one of them. Cue sentimental music and smiling idealistic faces serving the poor…Don’t get me wrong, it is absolutely necessary that we do become Christ’s hands and feet, but there is a reality we must understand if we choose to serve Christ by serving others, and Christ exemplifies this when He washes His apostles’ feet.   

Serving others is…

Dirty – The apostles walked around on dirt roads and footwear was not often utilized. Their feet were anything but clean when Jesus washed them. This may not be the case today, but it is often just as unappealing to serve others. 

Humiliating – According to Jewish tradition, washing another’s feet was not even a requirement of the lowliest slave. Even though this is not the custom today, often by serving others we place ourselves in the same humbling position – doing something we may regard as below us.

Challenging – Peter was apprehensive with Jesus, and Jesus had to convince Peter to allow Him to wash his feet John 13: 8. So often, we will be met with dissent on this walk, but it is our duty to explain why our actions are a reflection of God’s love.  

Disheartening – Even though Jesus already knew Judas would betray Him, He washed his feet anyway John 13:11. Thankfully, we don’t have the same foresight as Jesus, however I’m sure you have experienced many Judases in your own life and know how painful it can be to serve someone who just doesn’t “get” the bigger picture.

Absolutely Necessary –

Jesus’ commands us that this is the only way to lead John 13:13-17

It should motivate us that the man who did the unimaginable (offered Himself – sinless and unstained – on the cross) also washed our feet. As a precursor to the unimaginable, 

He did the unimaginable (see the “humiliating” note above). This is not a “nice picture” but rather an incredible picture of not only humility, but of love. THIS is the man whose hands and feet we are to emulate. 

Today, take some time to pray and ask God for the wisdom to know how well you are serving His people. Make a plan today to serve with more authenticity and a greater humility.