Bible 101

A Catholic Foundation to Studying God's Word

A foundation to our journey into the Bible as HOM sisters, we'll review some simple, yet need-to-know things about the Scriptures. We all have read the Bible before, but sometimes we just jump right in, missing some important foundational building blocks. What's a concordance? What's the Apocrypha & why's it important? How do you highlight a Bible? How do you make notes in the margins? What's a scripture journal? All these things and more will be answered in this 24 day overview. 

The Bible has everything a reader could want: romance, murder, mystery, historical accounts, biographical stories, tales with a moral, happy endings, drama, suspense, and stories of the future.  

We have a special treat for you. We made a HOMWF "Books of the Bible" download! We've created a PDF print out of the books. You can print these two sheets & put them in your journal, frame them & place them in your prayer spot, or add them to your Mass Journal!