How to Create an Online Scripture Journal


Mt 19:20; Mt 28:19

"Today ... to a considerable extent, human experience itself is an experience of the media."
Aetatis Novae (1)

As long as you haven't been living under a rock, you probably know that technology is a big deal nowadays. The explosion of the internet and social media has happened so fast that a lot of people -- especially within the Church -- have no idea what to do with it. Perhaps you're still trying to figure out email. Or maybe you feel like you have a decent handle on it all until people starting using hashtags in regular conversation. (#ithoughtitwasanumbersign?)

Wherever you're at, you have an opportunity to make disciples of all nations (Mt 28:19) thanks to the incredible gift of technology. Never before have millions of people been connected from around the world, each one with the opportunity to have a voice. And if we agree with the quote from Aetatis Novae, then it's our responsibility as Catholics to know how we can use media to bring ourselves and others to Christ.

Here are our top 3 ways to share Scripture and other Catholic inspiration using technology:

  1. Start a blog. They're free, customizable to your personal preferences, and easy to use. You can make it public and reach friends, family, or strangers who may need to encounter the love of Christ. Even if you never choose to share it with anyone, using a blog to journal and verbalize your reflections can be a great way to process how the Lord is working in your life. And it saves a lot of paper!
  2. Use Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. Some of the most popular social media outlets are perfect venues for short bits of scriptural inspiration. A simple status update, quick tweet, or beautiful photo can be just what someone else needs as they scroll through their feed. It can even be a good lesson in humility, courage, and accountability for ourselves -- are you afraid to be publicly Catholic? Do you find part of your identity or worth in the number of "likes" you get? Do you feel like it will affect your relationships in real life if your friends don't like what you do on social media? These are legitimate concerns for many of us, but the Lord desires us to be loving, merciful, and bold advocates for Him. Try sharing a scripture verse, your thoughts on a Catholic book you just read, an inspiring article, the blessings of your day (instead of your complaints), or anything else you can think of. The possibilities are endless.
  3. Text your friends. This might be our favorite way to spread love, inspiration, and truth. It's so simple, and almost everyone texts. If you have a group of friends who want to join, you can each text the group a Bible verse every day. You may have only found one that you wanted to share, but it's awesome to receive 5 more throughout your day from your friends! Just watch as the Holy Spirit moves and inspires you with truth and comfort in the midst of the day's busyness and trials. It's even better on the days when you forget to pray or read Scripture because you will inevitably receive a text with someone else's verse. Talk about accountability! Of course you can always make sure you send a private text randomly to someone each week, something to lift their spirits and inspire them to continue fighting the good fight of faith.

These are ways that we try to share the Word of God with our Sisters, but what about you? How do you share truth within your circles of friends?

Share with us in the comments so we can all benefit from fresh ideas!

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