The Books of the Bible

The Bible has everything a reader could want: romance, murder, mystery, historical accounts, biographical stories, tales with a moral, happy endings, drama, suspense, and stories of the future.  

The bible is broken up into two parts: Old Testament & New Testament. The Old testament speaks of God & the history between Him and His people. It also gives ample descriptions of the Messiah to come. The New Testament shows us the fulfillment of the Old, by the coming of Jesus, His Ministry, and the hope of our salvation. 

 Within these two parts are sets of books. 

  • The Pentateuch: These are the first five books of the Bible. It comes from the two Greek words, "pente" meaning five, and "teuchos", meaning volumes. These books give us an account of creation all the way the history of the Israelites. It also includes the law given to the Israelites by God.
  • The Historical Books: This is Joshua through 1 & 2 Maccabees. These books will tell the story of the Israelites from their entry into the Promised Land until "the Exile". 
  • The Wisdom Books: Also known as the Poetic books, these are the books Job through Sirach. They reflect the faith of the Israelites and God's relationship with His creation, humanity. 
  • The Prophetic Books: Isaiah through Malachi, these are the writings of the people of God inspired to instruct, edify, and confront the people. 
  • The Gospel: There are four: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. These are also the beginning of the New Testament. Each Gospel is a unique look at the life & ministry work of Jesus, as well as His Passion. 
  • The Letters: There is the Acts of the Apostles (the story of the Early Church) and other letters (Romans through Jude) addressed to both specific regions of Christians as well as the Universal Church. 
  • The Apocalyptic Book: This is the Book of Revelation. It offers hope that God will deliver His people as promised. There is a lot of use of symbols & imagery, much of which early readers would have readily understood (which is why is it called apocalyptic writing). 

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