HOM Launches Today!!!

Sisters! We launch today!! 

Are you as excited as we are? We are jumping out of our flip-flops!! There isn't enough punctuation to help display just how excited we are. This process has been long and quick all at the same time. Mother Mary and her Son have guided us up onto this point, and will continue to lead HOMWF where they bless it to go. 

If you didn't get the chance to visit our first post, please read it to get an idea of what HOMWF will provide online. Bible studies, fellowship, smart phone screen savers....all for you Catholic Sisters! God is amazing!! 

Monday starts our first study - BIBLE 101. It's a foundation to our journey into the Bible as HOM sisters. We'll review some simple, yet need-to-know things about the Scriptures. We all have read the Bible before, but sometimes we just jump right in, missing some important foundational building blocks. What's a concordance? What's are the deuterocanonical books & why are they important? How do you highlight the Bible? How do you set up a scripture journal? All these things and more will be answered in this 24 day overview. 

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And visit our STUDIES page to see all the bible studies we have reviewed at HOMWF. 

Sisters, please pray for us at HOMWF, and for your HOM Sisters - we are all in this together and we are excited to journey to Jesus with you, through the Scriptures, with Mama Mary holding our hands. Most importantly, pray for you and your heart - that you can allow God to bless you with what He has in store for you, through this ministry.