Soul Saturday // The Testimony of Ally Hynes

I grew up in a small family being an only child and a cradle catholic and went to catholic school until middle school. Then we moved out of the country and having morals and “faith” was “so not cool”.

Apparitions of Mary // La Salette

" I [Melanie] started again, and when I had finished, my master said:

“It was the Holy Virgin or else a great saint, who has come on behalf of the Good Lord, but it’s as if the Good Lord had come Himself. We must do what this Saint said. How are you going to manage to tell that to all Her people?”

Soul Saturday // The Testimony of Maggie Ness

I had a blessed childhood. God was not foreign to our home and our crazy imaginations helped paint our days with more adventure than we deserved. 

Apparitions of Mary // Banneux Belgium

In 1933,  twelve days after the apparitions at Beauraing ended, Our Lady appeared again fifty miles away in Banneux, Belgium. Banneux is a small, poor farming village that wasn’t even big enough to appear on a map.