Apparitions of Mary // A Conclusion

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Currently, I am sitting on the floor of my apartment and I can count at least five or six pictures of Mary just in my kitchen and living room. I am not sure when I started to get to know Mary more. It may have been during my first attempt at a Consecration to Jesus through Mary or fast forward two years to when I actually succeeded at a Consecration.

It also could be when I felt called to start to pray the Rosary on a daily basis, but in reality I think it has been a gradual process. In my own experience I have learned that Mary did not appear to me all at once and I did not just decide to have a relationship with her one day. Slowly but surely she showed herself to me through different situations and interactions with others.

My hope is that this relationship will continue to grow because through my relationship with Mary, I have grown closer to Jesus. Through Mary we receive the graces to love Jesus even more and how could there be anything wrong with that? Wouldn’t you love to love Jesus more? Don’t you want to be a warrior for Christ and a saint here on earth? Well, I am convinced that this becomes even more possible the closer we are to Mary.

These past two weeks you have learned about the different apparitions and messages of Mary.You have read about real life situations where Mary has come to earth with a message and my hope is now that you have started to learn even a little bit more about Mary.

Please don’t let this be the end of your study on Mary or the end of your journey of getting to know her more. Let this be the beginning of a new and exciting relationship you have with Our Lady.

Give Mary everything because when you give her everything she in turn gives it all to Jesus. I pray that you also have the courage to say “yes” just as Mary did in the Annunciation. She said yes to God and because of this her life changed dramatically.

Through Mary’s yes we were able to be saved by Jesus and His crucifixion. Through Mary we can grow closer to Christ and one day look Him in the face in heaven and know that we are home.

Say yes starting today and spend at least five minutes each day getting to know Mary more. Whether that be through a spiritual book or a decade of the Rosary, get to know Our Lady more because she is waiting for you.