Apparitions of Mary // La Salette

" I [Melanie] started again, and when I had finished, my master said:

“It was the Holy Virgin or else a great saint, who has come on behalf of the Good Lord, but it’s as if the Good Lord had come Himself. We must do what this Saint said. How are you going to manage to tell that to all Her people?”

Source: Secret of La Salette-Melanie Calvat's words published in 1879

La Salette happened seventy years before Fatima and has many of the same characteristics attached to it. On both occasions, Mary visited children,  and as we know,  their faith meets less doubt. She was seen as the most beautiful being ever seen by the children's eyes. Her voice was like the most beautiful sound to listen to. 

Mary also told the children a secret, one that included the impending destruction of the world due to sin, and how to be protected. What was Mary's defensive plan? Prayer, of course. She wants nothing more than to help mankind, but man won't help himself. Mary offered the children a secret to share with everyone, a secret stating that Our Fathers and Hail Mary's will comfort many souls during the tumultuous time. 

When time permitted, Mary requested the children go farther with their praise and glory of God. She stated that with conversion, the believer's woes would be lessened, i.e. the rocks would turn to wheat (God provides all our nutrients, right?). After reading the predictions of the destruction of the world given to Melanie and Maximin, Mary definitely knew what was coming (again).

The 19th and 20th (and now the 21st) centuries were war-ridden, morally destructive, and most religiosity and humanity erased. In the little community in France, people stopped attending mass or only went to mock it. God was/is upset.   We keep getting warnings, yet we go unchanging.  I want to bring it full-circle and how this 1846 apparition impacts us today. God gave His only son for the forgiveness of sin. He wants us in heaven with Him. Why would Jesus have been crucified if that weren't the case? My thought then goes to Mary at the wedding, and first miracle-

"His mother said to the servants, "Do whatever He tells you." John 2:5

Mary has only ever wanted us to do what God wills. Pray, ask pardon, ask for reparation from sin, so that we may fulfill God's only true expectation-to spend eternal life with our Creator in heaven. This message holds the same importance now as it did 170 years ago.