Memento Mori/Holy Saturday

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This beautiful movie, “Full of Grace” follows Mary of Nazareth in her last earthly days as she helps the fractured early Church regain their original encounter with The Lord. It is available on Amazon Prime. It has been an honor to pray for you this Lent, please stay with us as we begin our next two weeks of daily devotions “The 12”.

To Jesus through Mary-Michelle Workman

My Holy Week/Ben Hur

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This movie is by far the Holy week favorite in our home. Charlton Heston does an amazing job capturing all of the heartfelt emotion on his own journey to the Cross. Here is a little clip of Jesus Christ being crucified. Near the end of the movie where Judah Ben-Hur comes to grips with his humanity. Ben Hur is definatley worth your time to watch this Holy week .

God bless you all, Michelle

My Holy Week/Claudia's Letter

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Hello Friends, I am praying for you this Holy week! I wanted to share a couple of my Holy week traditions with you. When I was young, during Holy week, my mom would share great media treasures with us. As I reflect back to that time, I am amazed at how much religous content Hollywood created and shared with the world. There are so many great movies, podcasts etc, depicting the life and death of Jesus as well as many biblical characters and stories. Claudia’s letter is one of my favorites.

As a family we would set up chairs just like a little movie theater and listen .I can remember the many emotions we experienced as Claudia the wife of Pontious Pilate begged her husband not to condem Jesus to death, or just yesterday as I listened again to Claudia share the exact moment she meets Jesus,that heartfelt made made the flooded down my face once again.

Carve out a little time this week to sit back and listen to this powerful story, I am sure you going to love it too.

To Jesus through Mary, Michelle Workman

PS I was thrilled to find it on you tube, so I could share it with you!