Soul Saturday/My Favorite Marian Song


I love all the Marian songs. I’m not sure I have a specific one that is my favorite, anything that venerates her is lovely to my ears. That being said, I have noticed that at our parish Marian songs are usually sung on her feast days only. I am not sure if that is “standard” so to speak but, I think I remember when I was in Catholic grade school they were sung more often. I think it is a shame they are not sung more! I am delighted when I hear them! I have been trying a little trick for a over a year now and I noticed when I have a song in my head that’s catchy but I don’t want to hear it or maybe it’s a popular song that may not be appropriate, I start singing Immaculate Mary. Once I do that, the song that is stuck in my head will then go away! I also do that when visiting a Marian shrine, or during other occasions. Sometimes it just pops into my head and I love it! It’s a lovely prayer to our dear Mother!

Which Marian song is your favorite and why?

Love, Ally Hynes


Soul Saturday/Preparing for Lent by Father Mike Schmitz


Hi Friends,enjoy this great Video to help you get it together for Lent:) Thank you Father Mike !

Remember too make Heart of Mary part of your daily plan as we will begin our Lent devotions “Memento Mori” on Ash Wednesday.

Many prayers for you all as you grow in our Lord through Prayer, Sacrifice and Almsgiving. Love, Michelle

Soul Saturday/Gabriel's Message by Matt Maher

Hi Friends, Happy Saturday! I am praying for your Advent right now.

Matt Maher gave me chills on this song, especially when the little kids voices come in. What a gift Matt is to our faith journey.

God bless you all as we grip hands and continue to walk Under Bethlehem's Star together.

-Michelle Workman