Art for the Heart //Malachi 1:11

This is "Art for the Heart". Each Sunday we create + share a new lock screen for your smart phone or tablet (or both), and/or desktop screen saver, featuring a thought for the week. We access our devices constantly - so that means this is a great way to constantly see God's inspiration & love. 

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Malachi Day 4 // Priest,Prophet and King

One of my biggest pet peeves I have is when we settle. I hate settling for something, especially when I know that I am right. I hate being mediocre in my words just to know that people like me…. But most of all, I hate when I give in just to make others happy.

Malachi Day 3 // The Offering

Growing up, I still remember the two priests that taught me to truly appreciate the mass. The first left our parish when I was eight years old, and the other was a part of my life for the next 6 years. The first priest, taught me how to truly respect the mass- and how we should conduct one’s self through mass; and the second priest taught me the importance of all the details of mass.

Malachi Day 1 // Introduction

I truly fell in love with this book as I read through it to do these posts. The moral of this story… Even when we are in our worst day, even when we feel as if we are in the deepest hole, the Lord will never ever walk away from you. Why? Because He loves you and wants to spend eternity with you.