Malachi Day 1 // Introduction

I truly fell in love with this book as I read through it to do these posts. The moral of this story… Even when we are in our worst day, even when we feel as if we are in the deepest hole, the Lord will never ever walk away from you. Why? Because He loves you and wants to spend eternity with you.

Although, the breaking down of these chapters goes through how much certain things really upset him-like divorce, standing up for what we believe in and for what is right, and for settling. If we truly love the Lord and want to keep that commitment we have made with Him daily and through the sacraments.

As I write this, we are currently in the middle of renovating our house, by the time this goes on the web we will be happily moved in and waiting to welcome babe number two. This road to renovations has not been the easiest and many times I can totally admit that my husband has definitely seen the worst of me.

Many will say its the heat, stress, hormones, lots of work….the list goes on. But I see this as a list of excuses and a path to exactly what this book of the bible is talking about. Even in our worst of moments and times, even when I don’t feel like standing up for what is right because I am exhausted from this all, even when we don’t want to stand out for speaking the truth… the Lord still has his arms wide open welcoming us back into them. Because He knows that deep down inside us, we will go running back to Him.

So, are you going to walk away on those bad days, or going running back to Him?