Soul Saturday // The Rural Life Prayerbook

Do you live in the country? Live on a farm? Wish you lived one of those lifestyles? Do you have a great devotion to St. Isidore the farmer? Is stewardship over creation an important virtue to you? Are you looking for ways to further enhance your living of the liturgical year? Than this is the prayer book for you! 

All is Vanity // Day 11 & Conclusion

My mom always says, “The Lord works in mysterious ways.” This statement would usually be made after I had come to her with one of those moments where I exhibited pure foolishness, or when He just threw a complete curveball in my life.

All is Vanity // Day 4

As most things in life, work started off as a gift from the Lord Genesis 2:15 but was soon turned to a nec-essary evil as a result of the fall Genesis 3:17-19. The fall tends to distort most good, God-given things as is the case with working just for the sake of one- upping your friends or keeping up with the Jones’.