Soul Saturday // The Rural Life Prayerbook

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Do you live in the country? Live on a farm? Wish you lived one of those lifestyles? Do you have a great devotion to St. Isidore the farmer? Is stewardship over creation an important virtue to you? Are you looking for ways to further enhance your living of the liturgical year? Than this is the prayer book for you! The Rural Life Prayer Book is a hard bound, compact sized book published by Tan Books. The book was originally published in 1955 with an imprimatur a year later. I received this prayer book for Easter of 2016 and fell in love with it immediately!

Having grown up on and am now managing our small farm, I love toting this perfect prayer book not only to Mass and Adoration to the barn and fields as well! Light weight, and can easily fit into your hands- You can pick this book up any day of the year or it can carry through the entire liturgical year!

This perfect little gem contains…

*Encouraging proclamations, Psalms, prayers and thanksgiving, and Meditations for living the country life.

*Prayers, a novena, hymn, and other devotions to St. Isidore the farmer. Also, devotions for the feast of St. Isidore and Mass prayers for his feast day-May 15. St. Isidore lived in the years 1070-1130 and was Spanish farmworker known for his piety, diligence, and humility.

*The Ordinary of the Mass (following the Traditional Latin Mass but in English) and prayers for after a Low Mass.

* prayers specific to each month/season that follow the liturgical year and the “farm” year

*blessings of the country home and the people in it, blessings of food and drink, blessings of farm animals and their needs, blessings of fields and crops, and blessings of buildings and vehicles all from the 1944 Rituale Romanum. These blessings range from basic to very specific.

*prayers every Catholic should know by heart, Novenas, Mass Prayers for the feast of St. Joseph the worker (May 1), Mass prayers for the Feast of St. Mark, hymns, Mass prayers for the Rogation Days, Mass Prayers for the Feast of the Sacred Heart, Harvest prayers and blessings for the Feast of theAssumption of Mary, Mass prayers for the Feast of the Assumption of Mary, Prayers and Blessings for a Thanksgiving Day Mass, and litanies.

*an examination of conscience.

*the precepts of the Holy Catholic Church.

*standards on receiving Holy Communion in the spirit of Pope Pius X and prayers for after receiving Holy Communion.

*Sacred Heart of Jesus novena, act of concertation to, and other devotions.

*The Most Holy Rosary (with no Luminous mysteries).

*Hymns and prayers for Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.

*The Way of the Cross.

*information on the membership of Company of St. Isidore confraternity.