A Biblical Study on God's Mercy

After a season in the desert, we have spent the weekend celebrating the Risen Lord. Now we enter the Easter Season and in it, the Church spends 50 days in jubilee over the blessing, grace, gift, and mercy that Our Lord has given us through his death and resurrection. A common idea often overlooked is the idea of mercy - but our Church is intelligent. Shortly after the Easter weekend, we celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday. 

We may not give much weight to the idea that Divine Mercy Sunday is right after Easter, or the fact that mercy itself is given its own feast day. So why is mercy so important? What is mercy? More importantly, what is the mercy that comes from God? 

Join us as we spend 24 days studying scripture & diving into mercy. It's beautiful, plentiful, and free. And all we have to do is ask for it. 

Let's learn together why we need it. Let's learn together how His mercy is our life line. Do you feel God's love upon you? Do you know how immense His heart is? And how it yearns after yours? 

MERCY // Playlist

With great joy and excitement we are excited to share the Mercy Bible Study music playlist.

There have been many comments from our readers that music links & videos we occasionally list in our blog posts have helped encourage your walk with the Lord; even bringing some of you back to listening to faith-centered music. Inspired by this, we will now feature study themed playlists hosted on Spotify. 

So without further adieu, here is the MERCY bible study playlist! Listen on your in your car or at the gym using your phone with their free app; listen on your computer while at work or studying with their free web player!!