Mercy Day 18 // His Mercy is Given to the Fatherless

Images by Beautiful Light Photography

Images by Beautiful Light Photography

 Hosea 14:3

Take with you words,

and return to the LORD;

Say to him, Forgive all iniquity,

and take what is good.

Let us offer the fruit of our lips.Hosea 14:3

Growing up, I knew that I had a heavenly father and an earthly father, my dad. It was crazy to think that I had my dad protecting me day to day on Earth, but then my heavenly father taking care of everything else. Also taking care of me day to day, also taking care of everyone I knew.

When we think of it, we have always been called to live a childlike faith. We are always told that we need to go back to a way where our faith is down to the basics. It helps us encompass everything, loving the Lord, reckless abandon in the Lord, innocent in our ideals. There was no yuck in our lives yet to corrupt our views and beliefs, or to try and sway us. 

When we truly come with this childlike faith, we are fully the Heavenly Father's children. Not everyone wants to have the Heavenly Father like we do. Not everyone wants that extra hand watching out for them. 

But, the Father’s mercy doesn’t just expand to only those that believe in Him. The Father’s mercy expands to those that are fatherless too. It is our chance and opportunity to help spread that mercy to those that don’t have the ability to know the Father’s love like we do. It is a chance for us to evangelize and minister through our words to those around us; for us to use our words to help them return to the Lord. 

Words are powerful, but we have a great opportunity to use those words to help lead those that think they don’t have a father to receive His mercy, and be basked in His mercy, and to gain a father through it all as well.