Lent 2015

I will lead her into the desert & call her by name

So its that time of year again. Where we all, in a way, groan & sigh and start thinking of things to give up to take away our happiness; and its time to be in a state of sorrow where joy isn’t allowed.

No. That is not lent. That is not how we should approach lent. We know there are different opinions on lent and different spiritual understandings of lent. But none the less, lent is not a time to take away our happiness and all things “good” in life to replace it with saying that we're bad people and need to get better and that we have to appreciate what we have. Some people might have this mindset and others might not.

What is lent anyway?  We say the Lenten season is all about opportunity and flourishing. Can you think of a time where something was holding you back from the next big thing and you had to get rid of it this block somehow in order to get to that next big thing? Well, lent is the perfect time where we see that rock or obstacle keeping us back from living our life in a way that is true, good, and beautiful and we face it and overcome it. 

In our Lenten bible study "I Will Lead Her Into the Desert and Call Her By Name", we will be breaking down this 40 day study into five parts:

  • Part 1: Introduction & Freedom from Ourselves

  • Part 2: Refinement in the Desert

  • Part 3: Gratitude

  • Part 4: Mercy

  • Part 5: Behold the Lamb

We are also offering a FREE downloadable study journal on our website! No sign ups necessary! Below is a LIVE link for the entire journal - all 86 beautiful, full color pages of it:

Graphic Designs by Emma Moran

Graphic Designs by Emma Moran

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