Micacles of Mary/Jim Caviezels Tribute to Mary

Jim Caviezel ! A million times thank you ! for sharing your hearts love for the great gift of Mary, the mother of God, who is our mother. She is our fully nurturing mother who prays for us and always leads us to her son.

God bless you and the beautiful work you do! Love, Heart of Mary Women’s Fellowship

Miracles of Mary/Our Medjugorje Moment

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Many people say, Medjugorje is where heaven touches earth! With respect to it still being an unapproved apparition site, what I can say is, I have been there and it sure feels like heaven. Getting to Medj was a miracle for most of our group,short version, through the generosity of one of our friends, three of us were gifted the pilgrimage.I have a very holy friend who would always tell me, if mama Mary wants to send you there, she will! Thanks God, she did! I could write for days on the experience, but lets focus on this one. The video below is just one of the many beautiful moments, it is us, full of joy, smiling and singing in a field and then the sun starts dancing, it is a moment none of us will ever forget!

Mama Mary Pray for Us

To Jesus through Mary-Michelle Workman