Vocations Day 9 // The Gift of Vows and Perseverance

Vows, in the consecrated life or marriage are meant to sustain us in the hard times. When we feel loving and are inspired and motivated by our day to day we are chaste, obedient, and generous almost without a thought.

Vocations Day 6 // He Loves Like a Spouse Part 1

This thought always leaves me in awe when I remember it: God wants to espouse me to Himself forever.  In fact, He wants to espouse you too.  Every woman and man is called by God into a loving relationship with Him. 

Vocations Day 2 //The Call of Gideon-Part Two

Vocations Day 2 //The Call of Gideon-Part Two

Yesterday , we took a look at overcoming fear in the pursuit of responding to God’s call. We used Gideon and his army as an example. The story doesn’t stop there, however, and so now we turn our attention to trust and gratitude.