Womb to Tomb // Dignity of the Elderly and Dying

Lord Jesus, thank you so much for the wisdom that the elderly generation have to offer us. We pray that you would protect all life and revive the respect for it that is deserved specifically within the elderly.

Art for the Heart

Hello Everyone! In the challenges we are faced with everyday, remember God sees you and all of the good you bring to the world, hold on tight to my hand, we walk this journey together:)

Soul Saturday // My Life is Pro Life

God certainly has an interesting, yet beautiful way of directing our lives. I have often heard the saying, “God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.” This has been particularly true for my life in the Pro-Life Movement.

Womb to Tomb // Dignity of Adulthood

I recall as a young child going on a family vacation my family stopped to eat lunch at a restaurant. This was a real treat for us because my parents did not often have a lot of expendable cash for luxuries such as eating out, especially since we were a large family.

Womb to Tomb // Dignity of Adulthood

It’s a question that’s on a lot of people’s minds, even if they don’t realize it. The debate for immigration reform is a divisive issue, especially when concerning refugees.

Soul Saturday // Assure Pregnancy Counseling Center

In 1989, a small group of Christian women realized that, when faced with an unintended pregnancy, most women turned to only one place: the local abortion clinic.

Womb to Tomb // Dignity of Childhood

Have you ever been busy, moving through your day, accomplishing tasks with little notice for the details of what is going on around you? Sights? Sounds? Smells?