Soul Saturday // Archangels

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The past few weeks we have been learning more about the Archangels trio! I am mostly familiar with St. Michael and St. Gabriel. My affection for St. Gabriel stems from the Annunciation of course. My affection for St. Michael is because of all the protection I receive, along with my guardian angel!

Just this past week my guardian angel stopped me from getting in an accident with a biker who popped up out of nowhere on my street! I even remember once in college I was driving down a narrow street and a car was coming very fast and I was not a practicing catholic at the time but I narrowly avoided a head-on collision at a high speed. I know I was protected (as well as the other car) by my guardian angel and St. Michael. I am also deathly afraid of flying and over the years especially when I was a teen I had to fly a lot. You know those times when you say your prayers out of habit and those times of fear when you REALLY say your prayers? Well when the plane would go flying down the runway I would REALLY mean my St. Michael prayer! I repeated it countless times and every time I landed safely! I believe he definitely defends me against the serious battles and as for some of the daily battles I fail at, I know that’s where I need to keep growing my strength in God to succeed more often because it’s a partnership!

In Joy Valley Petoskey, Michigan there is a place called the Marian Center and it is the only place in the world to have an Archangel grotto! It is AMAZING! The size of the statues are absolutely huge and magnificent to behold! Below I will post pictures from the shrine for you to view! I thought it would be fitting to share after learning about them :) I just love how St. Michael looks so strong and not to be messed with it! I feel like he looks at the devil when the devil is trying hard to get us and says “do you see my sword here? don’t even try” Ha take that devil !

Have a blessed soul saturday sisters and if you get the chance - visit the shrine! It has many other statues as well (actually the most statues I’ve ever seen in one place!!) Here is their website with more information:  TO Jesus through Mary-Ally Hynes