Soul Saturday // HOM Bible Studies

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Happy 3rd Birthday Heart of Mary Women's Fellowship online ministry! Four years ago I was approached by one of my daughters friends, Kristina. Kristina knew I was a part of a successful parish based women's ministry, which is Heart of Mary Women's Fellowship. She presented the idea of a website that would be Heart of Mary online ministry and that immediately caught my interest, we talked about details for hours and that is really how simply we began.

I had just completed the rosary project so obviously that had to go up on the site right away, we both loved to Mass journal and of course that was a great fit as well, Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary is a devotion near and dear to our hearts, so we created online groups that joined people of faith from all over the world beginning and ending our 33 day journey in unison. But really, the greatest original idea for the website was our bible studies.

The plan was to look for writers, artists and photographers and once we had our team together, we'd get started on creating beautiful faith filled bible studies. Each study was not only written with the chapter of the bible or theme in mind, but also filled with relatable stories, that would help connect us as a family of God. In just three short years our talented team created forty studies, some with free printable journals that can be used individual or in a group setting. In our bible study archives you can find seasonal studies for Lent and Advent, New and Old Testament, as well as Mercy, Sainthood and the Holy Spirit, just to name a few. We are currently working on our Advent bible study "Oh come let us adore him" Priest Prophet King, the free printable study journal will be available early November so you can be prepared to begin the first day of advent.

Every facet of Heart of Mary Women's Fellowship is fueled by love, always keeping in mind mama Mary's love for us and her greatest desire to bring all of her children to the feet of her son. 

Let's pray a hail Mary together...

To Jesus through Mary-Michelle Workman