Angels // Guardian Angels

Image by Adrianna Tucker/Graphic by Lauren Gates

Image by Adrianna Tucker/Graphic by Lauren Gates

Angel of God My guardian dear, To Whom His love Commits me here, Ever this day Be at my side, To light and guard To rule and guide Amen

For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. Psalm 91:11

The Catechism gives us a beautiful summary on the angels. They are spiritual creatures created by God who never stop serving Him. Their mission is to assist Christ in His Salvific work.  The Church recognizes and venerates these creatures because of their work and devotion toward protecting man and serving God.  

We can look at the angels as bridging a gap between us and God.  They have much to teach us about worship and love of God.  In the Gospel of Matthew (18:10), Christ even affirms that we each have one protecting and guiding us, looking on the face of God.  

Many times throughout scripture we see the angels assisting man. They are always pointing towards Christ.  For example, look at the first time in scripture we see this creature.  In Genesis 3 we see that God places an angel at the gate of Eden, thereby keeping Adam and Eve out forever.  Perhaps at first glance this seems harsh.  However, when we take a closer look we realize that there is something else going on.  In Genesis 3:22, God says that He must send the man and  woman out of the garden lest they eat from the tree of life and live forever. Remember at this point in time our first parents are already in a fallen state.  Perhaps if they were to eat of the tree of life, they would have  lived forever in that state of sin.  Their banishment is really a promise of a better future full of God’s grace.  The Cherubim is placed at the gate so they can't go back.  That angel is telling them,  “STOP--Christ is in front of you.”  Fast forward in scripture to another garden.  The garden where Jesus was buried.  You have a crying Mary Magdalene distraught and confused over the death of Jesus. She is returning to an empty tomb.  Again we see two angels sitting at the entrance telling her what??  “Hey!  Look He’s not here, stop crying!”  Mary turns from them and sees Christ.  

No matter where we see their action, the mission is the same, and each of us have one waiting at our side to point us toward Christ.  Where are the angels present in your life?  

ACT:  Today acknowledge your angel.  Ask for their assistance. Their entire existence is about serving the Lord.  Perhaps your angel can help you orient your existence toward God.

To Jesus through Mary-Maggie Ness

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