Fruit of the Holy Spirit // Kindness

Dear God, If I cannot be brilliant, let me be kind. If I can not change the world, let me inspire just one other to do so. If I can not give away riches, let me be loving. Let me be known for kindness, for it is the greatest glory Amen

“Those who withhold kindness from a friend forsake the fear of the Almighty"Job 6:14

At first this seems like an odd verse, who would withhold kindness from a friend? But when I think about my life, sometimes I find that I am too busy for a friend in need. Or maybe, there’s that friend who always seems to have some sort of issue, and you’ve grown weary of always being the ear to listen or the helping hand. I wouldn’t blame you, I’ve been that person too.

But the interesting thing about this verse isn’t what our kindness says about us as a friend, but what it says about our relationship with God. To keep kindness from a friend is essentially to turn our backs on God. God, who when we were still sinners, sent his Son to die for love of us, was the ultimate friend, and gave the ultimate kindness.

When I think about it that way, it makes sense that for me to turn my back on people I love is like a rejection of what God has done for me. If God could love me, a sinner, then why couldn’t I love a friend?

It is easy to send the call to voicemail, to say we are too busy, to not send a kind message to a friend in need. But let’s remember that God didn’t do that to us, even when we were his enemy. Remember to be the friend that you wish you had. There isn’t enough kindness in the world as it is, be sure to be the source of kindness for your friends. You might be the only one in their life giving it to them.

What are some excuses you’ve had for not showing kindness to a friend? Who can you show kindness to today?

To Jesus through Mary-Sarah Ruiz