Soul Saturday/Our Lady Undoer of Knots

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My Experience With Our Lady Undoer of Knots

Three years ago, my marriage was in trouble. We had only been married for just under three years and already had two kids, moved four times, lost his mother/my mother-in-law to cancer, and dealt with lots of military drama. We had been dealt a very difficult hand, and things were just getting worse.

I had heard amazing things about the Undoer of Knots novena and figured if anything would save us… that would. Between fights, crying babies, fixing up an apartment that should’ve just been condemned, and missing my family 1000 miles away, I prayed the novena–without my husband knowing. I had hope that things were about to get better.

Four days into the novena, my husband came to me and said he wanted a separation, and thought it would be best if the kids and I went to stay with my family for a little while so that we could figure out what we wanted. I was crushed.

That was not what was supposed to happen. The novena was supposed to FIX things, not RUIN them. Many tears were shed, and I remember telling him, “If I leave, it’ll ruin us. I won’t be coming back as your wife; I just know it.” But there was nothing I could do. It was all too little, too late. My mom was already planning on coming out for a visit, so I called her and told her our plan. Soon after, she and a few of my siblings drove out to get us my six-month-old daughter, my two-year- old son, and myself.

As if that wasn’t going to be hard enough, two days before we left, I found out I was pregnant. What. The. Heck. With tears in my eyes, I shoved the positive pregnancy test over to my husband and burst into tears.

I spent most of the next few months crying, yelling at God, wondering what I had possibly done to deserve this. This wasn’t the life I wanted. I wanted to be a wife and mother… not a single mother to three kids under three, living in my parents’ basement. We ended up getting divorced a year and a half later.

So by now you’re probably wondering if this story will have ANYTHING positive. I promise, it does. Moving back to be with my family proved to be a huge blessing. When I was 29 weeks pregnant I went into preterm labor and almost died from liver failure due to various complications. The amazing team at the hospital 15 minutes away was able to stop labor and keep me stable and on bed rest (at home) until I went into labor again at 38 weeks and delivered a very healthy baby girl via third C-section.

If I had still lived with my now ex that might’ve all ended very differently, as the nearest hospital was over an hour away. Several months later, my middle child–only 17 months old at the time – had her very first seizure and was rushed to the hospital via ambulance. Months of tests, blood work, research, and multiple appointments a week with various specialists at the children’s hospital an hour and a half away resulted in a diagnosis of PFAPA: a rare, chronic auto inflammatory disorder.

Had we been with my ex, the nearest hospital with the needed specialists would’ve been over 5 hours away. During all of this, I spent hours researching various behaviors that my son was exhibiting. After several evaluations, it turned out that he has Sensory Processing Disorder, developmental delays, and a speech delay. Luckily enough, 15 minutes away is a special needs preschool, and he was able to attend five days a week for two years, receiving therapies and interacting with peers. He graduated this spring and will be attending a regular elementary school in the fall, only requiring an hour of therapy a week. He has improved way beyond my hopes and expectations.

Through it all, my faith has been tested, I’ve yelled at God more times than I can count, I’ve prayed harder than ever, I’ve cried an ocean of tears and thought two of my kids were going to die. I’ve lost my husband, my best friend, the person I vowed to be with and love for eternity. But looking back, I can clearly see how Our Lady undid knots I had no idea existed. I have grown as a person, my faith has been strengthened, my prayer life has improved, and my kids are all happy, healthy and thriving.

If you are considering praying this novena, please don’t let my story scare you. Remember, before the rainbow comes the storm. God and Our Lady will get you through it.

A Heart of Mary writer recently shared this verse from 1 Peter 5:10 that I absolutely fell in love with and want to share again “And after you suffer for a short time, God, who gives all grace, will make everything right. He will make you strong and support you and keep you from falling. He called you to share in His glory in Christ, a glory that will continue forever.”

To Jesus through Mary – Adrianna Tucker