Fruit of the Holy Spirit // Love

Above all, keep fervent in your love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins.

1 Peter 4:8

Love really is the first and foremost thing that Jesus teaches. It was the foundation of His life with Mother Mary and St. Joseph, it’s the foundation of why the saints became saints, it’s why St. Mother Teresa became a missionary for the poor, it’s “what makes the world go round”!

True love casts out evil. It banishes the devil and it rules over sin. That being said, that kind of love, can be difficult to achieve, but with Jesus we can achieve it! We are the temple of the HolySpirit, He lives in us! The flame of love is already there but we have to keep it lit!

Loving nice people is easy, it’s loving those that WE feel don’t deserve it that is hard. But that’s where the Holy Spirit comes in! By God’s grace and the grace of the Holy Spirit, we can love even those that don’t seem to deserve it. After all, we are not the one’s who are to judge, only God can. 

Say a prayer for the person you find it most hard to love! If you can’t think of anyone in particular ask the Holy Spirit to guide you where you find it difficult in your life to offer love so you can learn and grow in His love! TO Jesus through Mary-Ally

Image by Alyssa Marie Francis

Image by Alyssa Marie Francis