Appearances of Jesus // Road to Emmaus

Images by Alyssa Marie Francis

Images by Alyssa Marie Francis

Luke 24:13-32

“...but there eyes were prevented from recognizing Him.”  

How often in our lives do we completely miss the Lord? These men were Jesus’ disciples, yet did not recognize Him on the road to Emmaus. They were quick to “evangelize,” telling him all about the wonder of God. They shared with him there confusion and their sorrow.  They offered him kindness and hospitality.  Still the Scriptures tell us that they are fools!  What about this encounter is foolish?  What can we learn from their foolishness?

As a Christian woman I find myself getting caught in the trap of self-righteousness.  I talk about God with others but fail to actually share Him, to be like Him towards others.  I forget that our religion cannot just be summed up with its rich doctrine, dogmas, and Traditions, but rather those Truths are there to help us know and love God properly, and serve Him accordingly.  Its as if God whispers in my ear, “Be still, I’m right here, waiting for you to just be with me, to love me;” and my response is, “shhhhh I’m talking about Jesus.”  It sounds silly when it's put that way, right?   

In their sorrow and confusion the men on the road could only talk about the facts.  Their foolishness is our foolishness - we forget about the Incarnation.  We forget that God became man so that we could know Him. On the road to Emmaus Jesus explains the Scriptures, “Then beginning with Moses and all the prophets, he interpreted to them what referred to him (Jesus) in all the scriptures.”  During the hardest times in my life I do this.  I turn to what I know instead of Who I know.  I try to share the religion with my friends and family instead of sharing the Man. Jesus was revealed to the men that day first by their listening to Him and then in the “breaking of the bread.” Through the Word of God and the Body of Christ, God is revealed.  It is from this place that we should be sharing the Faith.  Knowledge of God without the presence of God is empty, and in turn being present with God without knowledge of him can be confusing (as was true with these men).  We need both.  

In my self-righteousness I try and convert hearts.  I forget that only God touches hearts and souls.  After the men realize it is Christ they say, “were not our hearts burning… while he spoke to us” [emphasis mine].  This is the impact He has on our lives.  Pray today that God would touch your heart with a fire so hot that it sets the world ablaze!  

Do you spend more time studying God than being with Him?

Do you find yourself struggling with self righteousness?  

Do you share the Faith with those around you?  If so how?  If not; what is one step you could take in that direction?