Soul Saturday // It is Well with my Soul

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                  It is Well with My Soul

Daniel 3:3-91

In 2009, my body was under serious attack. I had anxiety from head to toe which kept me in the darkness for many months. It was all I could do just to get up out of bed and get through each day. I truly felt God had left me alone and abandoned.

As the months passed I urged myself to move toward getting better which required seeing a therapist, getting on the right medication and through spiritual direction learning to sing in the fire.

My spiritual director Father Cletus Imo pointed me toward the scripture Daniel 3:3-91, it's about King Nebuchadnezzar sending Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego into the fiery Furnace because they wouldn't worship his golden statue.

I'm sure being thrown into the fire was the worst moment of their lives, but instead of feeling abandoned by God they started singing and dancing praises to him. God totally protected them against the fire. This shocked the guards and especially the King. When the King looked at the men in the fire he saw four men not three and said "one looked just like God".

Amazed by what he saw, the King pulled the three men out of the fire and then turned to worship to our God. Our God who was always with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego,even in the fire, never leaving them abandonded.

I will never forget when Father Imo met me knee to knee looking straight into my eyes and saying, even though I was in the fire, I just had to keep singing, because God is always with me.

And that's what I did:) Heart Of Mary Women's Fellowship is a fruit of that suffering.

Reflect: I've heard people say,many times "don't let your suffering go to waste". What are you suffering right now?

Act: Offer up your suffering for God's will in your life, for a friend thats sick or for the poor souls in purgatory.

I'm Praying for you always:)-Michelle

These are some songs that brought me peace, when my days were dark and the fire was hot, but I sang anyway, because I knew God was there.