Lent 2017 // Day Thirteen

Image by justloveprints.com

Image by justloveprints.com

Producing Fruit

Matthew 21:33-46

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you." Jeremiah1:5

Our minds cannot comprehend how special each soul is to God. We do not understand the dignity that is ours when His Goodness chose each one of us to live, to think, to know, to see, to love...Out of possible billions of human beings that might have existed in God's mind—His Eye rested on each one of us and then stopped looking and said, "You shall be"
-Mother Angelica

While not an instinctive reaction, Jesus’ parable of the Wicked Tenants in Matthew 21:33-46 is a deep examination into our very souls. Even though the thought causes us to recoil in denial and shame, we surely would never kill another over our desire for their goods. Yet, how often do we allow the blessings of God for another cause us lust, inordinate desire, fear, jealousy and insecurity? As women it can be so second nature to long to be more beautiful, look down (even if in thought only) at the women around us; feeling as though we don’t measure up.

Whatever the match was that lit the anger and rage in the tenants within the parable, it is never clarified, nor is it truly important. What is key is that they lost their way. They failed to see how richly blessed they themselves were. They were given a multitude of blessings and graces in order to be the keepers of a grand estate, a heavenly treasure. Instead, the tenants squandered what had been given to them. Out of greed and selfishness they lacked a humble self-love and ultimately failed to love God the Father with their whole souls.

God has very specific plans for each and every one of us. No one is greater in purpose in the eyes of God. He loves us equally and with an EXTREME PASSION and DEPTH. He needs us for a very specific purpose. God’s plans cannot be outdone in brilliance, but we can’t help thinking “What does God want with me?” The late Mother Angelica had a profound and earthy way of sharing the depth of God’s heart. She stated, “... saints are not born but made... there is great hope for all of us. For when we ask, 'What does God want with me?', there is a single beautiful answer, an answer that can sometimes astonish us. The answer is that God wants us to become saints.”

We have been given all the gifts, blessings, graces, weaknesses, failures, talents, strengths and victories to accomplish the great deeds God wants of us. We need not long for the gifts of another. We need not give in to the collapse of our weak virtues. We all fail. Every saint failed for they were human. The question is: will you get back up and keep going no matter the amount of dust in your eyes or fear in your bones? We need to be good and faithful tenants of God’s treasure. We need to say "yes" to our own very intimate fiat that God has awaiting for us.

Don’t let this day pass without taking the steps towards becoming a saint. REACH OUT when you’re afraid to do the ridiculous so God can do the miraculous. Those splendid Saints will indeed come to your aid. OBEY all that God asks no matter how much fear you experience, for Mother Mary will be holding your hand. Get to CONFESSION. REPENT. you will feel like you can do anything once your sin and dust is made new. Finally, ACTIVELY LOVE by SACRIFICING. Keep your eyes fastened on the Lord and all will be well with your soul. I, too, am working on being a “Fool for His Love”. You are not alone. All my love and prayers for you.-Meghan