Soul Saturday // How to Have an Uplifting Day

Image by advtrphoto

Image by advtrphoto

Happy Saturday ladies!

For this week’s Soulful Saturday I decided to put together a small list of ideas for how you can have a more uplifting day. There are days where we think we cannot go on and there are days where we barely make it through without being broken and torn apart. I have experienced those kinds of days and I am sure you probably have to. In order to fight against those days I have created a small list that you can use to practice perseverance and grace even in the times of difficulty.

The best part about this list is that it is never ending! You can add your own things to this list that make you happy and help you have a good day. The most important aspect of having a great day is starting each and every day with the Lord and finishing each and every day with the Lord. In order to build a relationship with the one you love you have to spend time with them!

Here are some ideas I came up with:

 Start every morning with the Lord

 Say at least one kind thing about yourself in the mirror when getting ready

 Smile More

 Spend Time in Nature – Go for a walk!

 Do Something Kind for someone*

 Forgive those who have hurt you

 Admit when you are wrong – Practice humility

 Read a favorite book or listen to a favorite song

 Call someone you love

 Drink more water

 Write in a bullet journal Notebook-Productive-Journaling/dp/1537623923/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1485208889&sr=8-6&keywords=bullet+journal

 Finish every night with the Lord

I pray that this small list will help you get started on making your own list so that you will spend each day doing God’s will, how He wills it, and because He wills it.

*Here is a great resource for creating sacrifice beads. These beads come from Saint Therese and help you keep track of the small sacrifices you make for others each day. They will also help you to strive to do more for others. On this website you can learn how to make these beads, order kits to make them, or simply just order the beads that are already made! make-sacrifice- beads