Advent 2017 // Zechariah Rendered Silent

I hate not being able to talk. Even though I consider myself an introvert, once you get me talking about something I love, I never stop. Just ask anyone who knows me. At the same time, I understand the need for silence. I love the silence of Adoration and meditating in prayer. It gives me such a sense of renewal and strength.

So why was Zechariah silenced when he questioned Gabriel? My best guess is that he was doubtful and cynical. After all, he and his wife, Elizabeth, were old and had never been able to have children. Even though he was standing in the presence of an angel, he might have lacked the faith or the desire to understand the way that Mary did later on in the chapter.

Mother Teresa said that God speaks in the silence of our hearts. Zechariah’s nine months of silence allowed him to watch as the child grew inside of Elizabeth and, for part of that time, watched another example of perfect faith in his vicinity. Silence can teach us so much if we give ourselves time and allow God to speak to us.

Take some time this Advent to go to Adoration and let God speak to you there. Even if you’re not sure what to pray or what to say to Him, let your mind focus on Jesus, present in the Sacrament, and offer all your worries to Him. The brief period of silence will be a great blessing in this hectic time of year.

May God speak in the silence of your hearts this Advent, sisters in Christ. How can you spend time in silent adoration this Advent? 

zec rendered silent.png