Advent 2017 // The Sacrifice of Isaac

Genesis 22:1-19

The thought of sacrificing one’s own child is unimaginable. At the time that Abraham was asked to do this, I can imagine that child sacrifices were probably commonplace. So what made Abraham’s God so different from all the others? Because in the end, Abraham didn’t need to sacrifice Isaac. He had faith the the Lord would provide a sacrifice to take Isaac’s place. At the same time, he was still willing to put God first, even over his own child.

The loss of a child is unimaginable. I know several women who have lost children to miscarriage, or have had trouble just bringing a child into this world. Add to that all the women who chose to abort their child...the pain from that loss is insurmountable. The last thing these women need is to be shamed about their loss.

If I could do anything for the women of this world who lost their child in some way, I would lead them to the Cross. The ram that God provided for Abraham to take Isaac’s place foreshadowed the sacrifice that Christ would have to make. Mary stood at the Cross, just as Abraham stood in front of the bound and gagged Isaac. I can’t make any promises that things will get better. The child that was lost will never be replaced. Nevertheless, we can share our sorrows with Mary, place them on the Cross, and let Jesus transform our sorrows.

Let Jesus take what has hurt us and give us new life through His love. What have you learned from loss? How does God fit into it? 

sacrifice of isaac.png