Advent 2017 // The Promise of Isaac's Birth

Genesis 18:1-19 Genesis 21:1-7

There are many women out there who can probably relate to Sarah, who desperately wanted a child of her own. It’s hard to understand why God makes us wait for the things that we want most, especially the things we know He promised us. In times like this, we need to be patient. The only question is how? Most of us struggle with patience in the middle of a traffic jam!

It starts by remembering that patience isn’t something we just have, it’s something we practice. We are on God’s time. We should never compare ourselves to others who seem like they’re on the fast lane to happiness. The truth is that all the things we see on our social media feed are just the highlights of people’s lives. We need to focus on walking with God without looking to the side to see if someone else has it better. Basically, we need to be patient with ourselves.

When we are asking God for something, we need to trust that He will help us towards what is best for us. Sometimes God says “No” or “Not yet,” but it doesn’t mean “Never.” He might lead us towards something we would never consider on our own, something that seems impossible and out of reach. Just remember, my sisters in Christ, that with God all things are possible.

Through practicing patience, we can begin to see God’s blessings in our everyday lives and not just in the “highlights.”

What prayer have you prayed that you feel has gone unanswered? 

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