Advent 2017 // Why Shepherds?

Luke 2: 8-14

As we learned a couple of days ago, a host of angels appeared to some shepherds during the night and announced the birth of Jesus. Of all of the people that God could have chosen to announce the birth of Jesus, why do you think He chose to have His angels appear to shepherds? Why not appear to scholars or royalty? Why not the Pharisees or the Wise Men? Why was the most important news in the history of the world delivered to a group of tired, smelly, poor shepherds?

Because they were humble. Because they were looked down upon. Because they weren’t important (in the eyes of others). Because it made a statement, that no one is too insignificant or unimportant for God. By choosing the shepherds, God was demonstrating His love for everyone, no matter their circumstances. Jesus came to save everyone, and appearing to a poor group of shepherds proved that. This wasn’t the first time God chose someone who seemed like an interesting choice... look back to the story of young Gideon and his army against the Midianites, or tiny David versus the giant Goliath, or even the unwed, teenage virgin Mary to be the mother of God. God always chooses unlikely people to accomplish big things.

Another reason I believe the shepherds were chosen is because God is our shepherd and we are His sheep. So it is perfectly fitting that The Shepherd would choose to announce the birth of His Son to a group of shepherds. There are so many occasions in the bible where God is compared to a shepherd and we are compared to His sheep. It is also believed that this particular group of shepherds took care of sheep that were raised for sacrifice. The Lord is our shepherd, and the Lamb of God sacrificed His life to save us. See where I’m going here?

“Dear Lord, today I rejoice with the shepherds in the Good News of Jesus’ birth. Help me to set aside those traditions that have become commonplace and explore the amazement of Jesus’ birth. Thank You for sending a Savior for me. I want to spend my life sharing this news. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.” 

How often have you felt unworthy of what God has asked you to do? In what area of your life do you struggle most with feeling inadequate? Ask God to take those feelings away and to give you the graces necessary to do what is needed.