Soul Saturday // The Scapular

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Luke 2:28-35

I will defer the theological writing regarding the scapular to Ceroke’s- The Scapular Devotion; when you find time, I highly suggest reading it. As a wearer, I will share my understanding of the scapular devotion, as well as challenge each of you to receive the blessing by month’s end. 

My understanding is simple and hasn’t changed much since youth: If you die while wearing the scapular, you will be saved. The scapular requires our devotion through our mother, Mary, to Jesus, as it is a symbol, therefore not “really” our salvation, but the devotion is. Ceroke states 

“The Scapular devotion does not provide an escape from the ordinary duties of Christianity, but is rather an incentive to undertake them with fervor and exactitude in the knowledge that one thus prepares himself to arrive at the final goal of the Christian life, union with God in eternity.” 

Praise God for this simple daily reminder. As a side note, removing your scapular before showering and replacing after is an easy way to remember to always have it on, as well as preserve it for the long run. 

Today we are going to approach the reflection section in reverse. 

Act:  Find a scapular. It may be around your home or you may have to visit a local Catholic gift store and purchase one, but make it happen. Print out the attached Blessing and Enrollment and approach your parish’s priest to bless you. It takes only a moment, and coming prepared will show your devotion. 

Reflection: After receiving the blessing, take some time out of your prayer session to read Luke 2:28-35 and Ceroke’s-The Scapular Devotion. Reflect on what you can do to ensure your daily devotion to Jesus through Mary “so that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed.” Luke 2:35

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