Mary Our Mother and Queen // Conclusion

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Bible verse 1: John 19:27

Bible verse 2: Luke 1:38

    Holy moly, sisters! We’re here! The last day of this 3-week long study has arrived, and I hope that you’ve learned and loved as much along this journey as I have. Learning about the Marian apparitions was one of my favorite parts of this study. Diving into the different ways to venerate our Mother and different devotions was also really exciting. I’m such a type-a structure-loving gal, having a “form” for praying is really helpful for me.

    Finding Scripture references for all of the Marian feasts was tricky, but we are so blessed to have so much to learn, and so many ways to pray with and grow closer to our Mother Mary. The Glorious Mysteries are one of the most beautiful forms of prayer, and they cover the most wonderful parts of Mary’s life. Consecration to Jesus through Mary is a BEAUTIFUL and life-long way to offer up one’s prayers and graces to Mary to use as she sees fit. Let us only turn to her and to the Lord with the same zeal and obedience that Mary had when the angel told her she was to bear a son through the Holy Spirit. “Let it be done to me according to thy word,” without any hesitation!

    God had a plan, right from the beginning of time, for our salvation. He knew it would involve Mary, and He worked through the prophets of the Old Testament to foreshadow her beautiful and loving presence in our lives as the mother of His loving Son, our savior.

    At the foot of His cross, Christ gave Mary to us. She is our spiritual mother, we are her spiritual children, and it was all preordained and part of God’s loving plan for us. Mary offers us so many devotionals and ways to come to her and pray with her, and all of these ways are wondrous gifts.  Our dearest mama Mary will take care of her spiritual children, if we only turn to her and let her.

Reflection question 1: What part of this study was your favorite?

Reflection question 2: What part sang to your soul most: learning about the devotionals or about the apparitions?

Act: Take a moment to thank our Mama Mary for the amazing gifts she gives us in the devotionals and the graces she so wonderfully bestows upon us.