Philippians // A Conclusion

Images by Beautiful Light Photography

Images by Beautiful Light Photography

Welcome to the end of our journey through Philippians! In our world the idea of having a Christlike attitude can seem, well, boring. But I hope that myth has been dispelled throughout the last two weeks. Uniting our attitude with Christ’s is a challenge, but one that is more rewarding than anything else we can do in this life.

As we end this study, I wanted to write up a short list of traits of a Christlike attitude. Each one corresponds with one of the day's’ readings, so feel free to go back to that day’s reading and reflection if it is something you particularly struggle with. More importantly, I hope that today you will reflect on these traits, evaluate their place in your life, and spend some time thinking about how our attitude can shape our lives. It’s important to remember that we can work on having a great attitude all we want, but without Christ as the center of our efforts, we won’t achieve what we truly need: closeness with Him. 

A Christlike attitude looks like:

Day 2: Confidence

Day 3: Joy

Day 4: Humility

Day 5: Positivity

Day 6: Hospitality

Day 7: Passion

Day 8: Perseverance

Day 9: Citizenship

Day 10: Peace

Day 11: Hope

When we live with our attitudes focused on Christ, life is so much fuller! We become people who can take on the world, we become people who are ambassadors for Christ, who make people want to know what our deal is. We won’t always be perfect, no one is, but when we strive for Christ and our attitudes transform, people are going to notice, and that’s how the gospel spreads.

Do not be discouraged, sisters! Rejoice! Our God wants all of these things for us and is ready and willing to give them to us, we only have to remember to ask.