God the Father Day 1 // You are Invited

John 14:6 Galations 4:6

How do you view God? Do you see Him as an ever powerful, almighty, and overwhelming being in the sky somewhere? Do you see Him as a distant and omnipotent God, separated by an eternity of time and space from you in the right here and now?

While it is true, God is powerful and almighty and omnipotent, He should also be viewed as our Father. Over the next two weeks we will focus on, and reflect upon, God as our true Father.

Many times in life we see God’s love reflected back to us in the ones we hold close. My dad is definitely someone that is a testament to our Father’s love for us. Images of his now salt and pepper hair, ornery smile, and his big strong hands fill my mind and my heart with joy.

Memories of my dad pushing me on my bicycle yelling, “Pedal, Ash!” Him standing in the kitchen flipping the french toast over in the air, and him holding my babies, are just a few happy memories I will always carry with me.

Jesus, the son of God, invites us to join Him in calling God, Abba, or Father.

John 14:6 proclaims,

“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father, except through me.”

Jesus, the Son of the Most High, wants us to come along with Him. You know how you feel when the “cool kids” talk to you? A little giddy? A little nervous perhaps? Jesus is the cool kid saying, “Come with me and I will show you how to become a true child of God.” It’s thrilling - and a little scary - to be invited by Jesus Himself.

What would happen if I quit identifying the man who is my father as "Dad" or "Father?" That close, loving connection we share would be lost. Friendship and love may remain, but the title of “Dad” really creates a distinct bond that cannot be shaken.  He would just be some guy who mows his lawn religiously and has worked for 30+ years in aircraft.  Just like being a mother has defined me, being my dad has defined him. The same can happen when you remove the term Father from your view of God. You can love Him and serve Him. But, when you remove the term Father, He can become abstract and faceless. Looking at God as a Father creates intimacy and a bond that cannot be rivaled.

My dad taught me how to ride a bike. Learning to ride a bike was hard and I fell multiple times, but my dad encouraged me, picked me back up again, and plopped me back down on the bike. Doesn’t the Father encourage us in life and plop us back down when we fall? Do you know He is always cheering for you?  My dad makes awesome french toast for me. Doesn’t God serve us food for our souls through His many gifts? Does He not fill that ever yearning void? And lastly, my daddy holding my own sweet babies; doesn’t the Father promise to hold onto all things we find dear?

God, our heavenly Father, has perfect love waiting for us. The Lord proclaims we are His children.  If we continually see God as our Father, we will continue to find hope, love, and fulfillment.

Reflect: Think of a person in your life (male or female) who reminds you daily of our God’s unconditional love.

Reflect: How do you view God in your current journey? Do you view Him as a father, or do you view Him as more distant?

Act: Seek the Lord tonight in prayer solely as His daughter.