Lent Day 33 // Jesus is Laid in the Tomb

Image by Beautiful Light Photography

Image by Beautiful Light Photography

Mark 15:46  Matthew 27:57-61  Luke 23:53

The fourteenth station is the station where Jesus is laid in the tomb. Saint Father Damien, was a priest in the 1800’s when the Hawaiian Islands were experiencing a leprosy epidemic. The Hawaiian government banned all those suffering from leprosy to the island of Molokai to suffer there and not infect others.

While most Hawaiians were avoiding those with leprosy as much as possibly, Father Damien did not. He dove in head first out of love for the people. He worked with the Hawaiian people to restore dignity and show them the right to every person’s life. He made sure to give funerals to those he could, he taught those of the island how to grow crops, and also assisted with bandaging and giving medical attention to those that could use the assistance.

He then also started showing the people of the island Jesus’ love, not just through his actions, but started to teach them of Christ’s healing and saving power. And he began to teach them how to sing and pray and love each other through these examples of holiness and humility. He eventually died from leprosy just as those of the island continually did as well. 

Once again, we see courage, but most of all we see love. Just as Joseph took down the body of Jesus out of love and put it in a tomb, not out of obligation, but out of love. Jesus died for us on the cross, once again, not out of obligation, but out of love. He carried the cross for us, out of love. 

Secondly, Jesus died on the cross for us and was laid in the tomb as an act of service and love. He is giving us the example of dying for us out of how much love he has for us. Just as Father Damien went and gave his life to the people of Molokai out of love for them. He served them, he showed them love, he showed them faith, he showed them Christ. He gave his life so that others would be led to Christ. Christ gave his life so that we could have life in him.