Lent Day 31 // Jesus is Taken Down from the Cross

Image by Beautiful Light Photography

Image by Beautiful Light Photography

Luke 23: 50-52  Matthew 14:27

In the thirteenth station, there is a lot of sorrow happening. Jesus’ suffering has ended yet His loved one’s are suffering all around as they take him down from the cross. But they didn’t just turn their backs and leave their loved one behind... they did something about it. 

Blessed Titus Brandsma, suddenly has a grip on my heart. His feast day is the same as our wedding anniversary and he seems like he was a top notch man. Father Titus didn’t have it easy, he suffered from chronic illness and eventually suffered at the hands of the Nazi’s. He was able to display mankind’s portion of the suffering of the Cross. He showed those in the twenty-first century how to suffer, then forgive because of how deeply his life was rooted in prayer which displayed how much one needs to have faith and trust in God. 

Blessed Titus didn’t just go running out the gate preaching the Gospel. He had faith and trust in God but did not go out seeking martyrdom like some saints do/did. But when it came his time, he was able to accept God’s will, just as Jesus did. 

As the Nazi invasion was happening Father Brandsma was adamant to ensure that the Nazi propaganda was not printed in the Church papers or placed in the churches. He got the bishops behind him and proceeded to go church to church making sure they knew what was the correct thing to do, and not conform to the Nazi government.

He had the courage to go around, even though it was against the law, and preach what was the right thing to do. Courage. He had the courage, just like Joseph of Arimithea did to ask for his Lord’s body. Courage. He had the courage, just like Jesus did to carry His cross to His death. Courage. 

“Take Courage. For it is I, Do not be Afraid.” 


Today, I challenge you to look for the courage that Blessed Titus, St. Joseph of Arimithea and Jesus showed us in the thirteenth station.

And I challenge you to see where else we can blatantly see God’s will throughout this station.