2 Peter Day 3 // Decisions and Virtue in Action

Image by Cailin Valente

Image by Cailin Valente

 2 Peter 1:5-9 

Yesterday we talked about the gifts of divine nature, power, and how each of us manifests them in different ways. Today, in verses 5-9, we read about what we must do in order to be worthy of so great a promise and how not lose it.

Have you ever had a friend or relative who said, “If you need anything EVER give me a call!” Then a few weeks, months, or years pass by and you really really need their help only to realize that it was all just talk? Sadly, I have had this experience. What a bummer, no? I think this is kind of what Peter is addressing. We must put our faith into practice and action.

If we are going to call ourselves Christians then we must be the best Christian we can possibly be!! We can’t simply say, “I have faith,” and not act on that faith. We must live it out.

Peter gives us a crystal clear outline of how to do this. He tells us that faith is just the beginning of our journey in the Christian life. We must nurture and pray for a strong faith. It is simply not enough to say, “I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Amen.” I mean, yes, we do believe that Jesus is our Lord and Savior. HOWEVER, words are empty without action just like faith without works is dead.

Peter encourages us today to SUPPLEMENT our faith with virtue, knowledge, self- control, endurance (patience), devotion (piety), mutual affection (fraternal love), and finally love (charity). He tells us that if we possess these virtues they will abound in us. This means they will grow within us abundantly and overflow to others in our community. We will become a blessing to others. When we have these virtues it’s like we’re taking our daily vitamins (supplements) when we are trying to be super healthy and working out. Yeah, we are okay without them (or so we think) but with them we are at our best!

When I lived back in California I started getting into weight lifting. I loved it! My trainer would tell me how important supplements were and how they would boost my results. He was right! I could tell the difference in my body the days I ate well and took my B12, vitamin D, protein shakes, stayed away from salt, caffeine and alcohol of any kind. Talk about tough. We simply can’t work out, then gorge ourselves, and expect positive results. Everything in the game counts! The point I’m making is that if we want to succeed it takes conscious effort and hard work on our part.

Peter also says when we don’t practice these virtues we are like the blind man who is lost. He has forgotten who he is. He has forgotten the DIVINE NATURE AND POWER given to him through Baptism.

Just last week the local high school down the street had its graduation. I went to support some students I knew. The salutatorian started the ceremony with a speech about how hard each of the seniors worked to get to that night. At the very end of his speech he said something very profound "make good decisions an don't forget who you are"

I say the same to myself and to you today. Make the good decision to take your faith further than words. Take it further than your daydreams of what a holy women looks like. Also, don't forget who you are as a daughter of God and heir of heaven.

<3You are in my prayers. God bless you Beautiful! <3