The Book of Judith // Day 14 Test

Image by Melissa Clayton

Image by Melissa Clayton

Judith 8:9-36

Judith does not waste a single second and cuts right to the chase, telling Uzziah and the elders what’s on her mind.

“Who are you that have put God to the test this day?” (v.12) 

And she is absolutely right. We have no right to do that, yet we do every day.

When we are waiting on a loan approval or job application, we give God deadlines to come through for us. When our marriage/health/relationships/jobs are failing, we put God in a box and expect Him to bend to our will. When the bills pile up, we sit and wait for God’s provision.

Like Judith said, we can’t even figure out the depths of human hearts or what man is thinking. How can we think we would know God?

What Judith was trying to tell the elders is that God cannot be threatened. Not with deadlines, limits, pleading, or tests.

I’m reminded of my own children throwing fits in public, and my first reaction is to remove them from the situation. The crying gets louder, and begging to “be good” follows as if they expect me to bend to their will. My patience is tested to take them back to the car where they can calm down.

As much as God loves us, all the begging, crying, and threatening may or may not be futile. Because ultimately, God’s will - not ours - will be done. Is there something you’re testing God on? Waiting for Him to come through for you? Whatever it is, I pray that He will find favor in you - IF it is in HIS will.

Peace be with you, my gorgeous faithful sister.