Lent 2015 Day 6 // Responding to God's Call

Image by Melissa Clayton

Image by Melissa Clayton

1 Samuel 3: 1-19

How do we know if Christ calls us specifically? How do we know we are one of his chosen Ones?

In the bible, God called Samuel verbally 4 times. Samuel was sleeping next to the arc of the covenant, where God’s presence was. Samuel responded to God with guidance from Eli. Eli helped Samuel listen to God when he was calling him. Do you notice that God doesn’t stop calling Samuel until he understands what’s going on?

We can learn a lot from Samuel about the way God call us to be his own.  First, Samuel was sleeping close to the presence of God. Ok, sisters, get your sleeping bags, we're going camping at the Church! Kidding. But ok, really now. Samuel lay close to God. He didn’t know what God sounded like yet but he knew he wanted to be close to him even if he didn’t understand it all. This is us, we are trying to get closer to God. Do we have all of the answers? No. But we are seeking God and by seeking him we are getting close to him. We don’t have to understand everything but never stop trying to get closer to God. We are our worst critics; we are probably closer to him than we think.

Second, Samuel responded to God with the help of Eli. This is a beautiful example of how our community at HOMWF can help us understand and get closer to God; to where we learn to hear him when he calls. We can’t do it alone sisters. How many times can we go over things in our own heads, trying to figure it out, and being stubborn about not asking for help? I know I’m guilty of that sometimes. We can share our prayer with each other. We can share what the Lord is doing in our lives. We can go to a spiritual director, mostly priests, and ask them for advice and help to know how to listen and interpret what God is saying. Don’t be afraid to share, it could be the thing that helps you get closer to God and your neighbor (or sisters ;)).

Third, God called Samuel 4 times! I know that doesn’t seem like a lot but when Samuel didn’t know what was going on Jesus kept saying, “Samuel”. This reminds me of my mom. When she called us, and we didn’t hear her, oh you better believe the more she called us the louder her voice got until we actually heard her. I believe Jesus does the same thing. We don’t “miss our chance” with God. If don’t hear him the first, second, third, even fourth time, he will still call us until we turn and listen. His love for us doesn’t grow weary and is so gentle. Even if he called us 500 times, he doesn’t get frustrated. He’s so patient. Don’t worry sister, if you’re seeking him, you won't miss him. And even if you do, He will still call again. Let us not keep the Lord waiting.

Bottom Line: God wants all of us. He calls all us specifically to this deep and intimate relationship with him. It’s going to look different for everyone; it has to! He made us all so unique that the love he shows each person is specifically for them! Its all equal but so different and given uniquely just for us! Let yourself be loved by him, let him take you into the desert, to spend some time alone together where he can speak to your heart.

Don’t be afraid: You are Loved!