New Creation: Genesis 5-9 // Waiting on the Lord this New Year

Genesis 8

Waiting on the Lord this New Year

Anyone who knows me knows I’m not a patient person (AT ALL).

And I usually prefer to get things done myself because if I want something done RIGHT and in the time frame I want it done, I don’t like waiting around for people to hustle.

Waiting on the Lord is a struggle for me. I have to constantly remind myself, “God’s timing is perfect, Jojo. God’s timing is perfect. God’s timing is perfect. God’”

I’ve gotten much, much better in my 28 years of existence, but I’m still a work in progress. (Thank You, Holy Spirit!)

So what struck me most with today’s passage is Noah’s patience + priorities.

We see Noahs patience each time he sent out the raven and the dove, waiting to see if they can find a place to perch on the dry land.

They don’t, so Noah waits on God. First 40 days. Then 7. And then another 7.

Noah didnt impulsively decide all by himself that its okay to leave the ark. And Im sure, with all the time that had gone by, everyone was probably ready to leave!

I know I would’ve. I know if that were me, I would’ve lost my patience by day 5. (Okay day 2.)

But Noah put aside his own needs and waited for God to reveal His will.

Noah trusted that God would reveal the right time to come back upon the earth, and sure enough, in Gods perfect time, the dove eventually found a place to perch on the dry land. 

But here’s my most favorite part of today’s reading.

The.VERY.first thing Noah did when he learned the earth was dry was build an altar to make sacrifices to God.


He didnt complain about how long it took. He didn’t go out to look for food. Or set up camp. 

He gave thanks to God FIRST and foremost — for saving him, his family, and the animals. 

His first priority was to give thanks. 

Are you waiting on Gods answer on something?

Is your heart the unsettled ark in the throes of a great flood, waiting for the relief of feeling grounded?  

Look, truuuust me when I say I KNOW how difficult it is to have faith + patience when we can’t see what lies ahead of us. When we have no idea when God is going to answer the questions that make our hearts restless + weary.

But as the new year unfolds I invite you to be like Noah who waited faithfully on God, trusting in His promise that He would protect him from harm.

Offer up any anxieties to God, and then, when God finally reveals His answer to you (like the sign of the olive leaf) make it your first priority to give thanks to the only One who can settle the raging waters within our hearts.

Peace be with you, my gorgeous faithful sister.