New Creation : Genesis 5-9 // 40

Genesis 7:6-23; Matthew 4:1-3


In the Great Flood, we see a second Genesis. A new creation, a new beginning, a rebirth. 

We also find the number 40 for the first time, which turns out to be a significant number in the Bible -- a number that symbolizes a time of test + trial.

For Noah and his family, this was certainly a time of trial, for “everything on dry land with the faintest breath of life in its nostrils died out…Only Noah and those with him in the ark were left” (Gen 7:23).

We've always asked, “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

 The truth is, life is not always joyful + easy. Bad things happen, period, to good and bad people. Not because of God, but because of us!

Our own shortcomings and failure to love test us. Even Noah who found favor in God was tested.

Just because God spared him and his family from the flood doesn't mean they were all rejoicing in the ark for a whole year. I can imagine they were in there anxious, worried, and doubtful. Just being in that state of not knowing is a test + trial in itself.

Just because God freed His people in Egypt doesn't mean they had an easy life afterward. They wandered the desert for 40 years. (Here's that number 40 again.)

Just because God saves us every day doesn't mean we're not going to experience tests + trials.

We won’t always feel that “Jesus high” or God’s presence. It's not always easy to love and praise God when everything is going well, when all of our loved ones are healthy, when we’re experiencing success in our careers and we’re financially stable.

But of what worth is it if we're only praising God when life is good and peaceful? Just because we don’t feel God’s peace or the “Jesus high” doesn’t mean He’s not there. Our Lord never abandons us, and true faith in God goes beyond feelings. 

After all, God doesn't depend on our feelings or faith in Him.

When our faith is put to the test through difficult trials and we still place our trust in God’s goodness like Noah, our faith then becomes something much stronger and much more valuable.

Jesus also knew what it meant to be tested, and it was also for 40 days and 40 nights (Matthew 4:1-3).

I've shared with you the darkest years of my life when I turned from God. I'm not happy about that time. But if I didn't experience those trials, I wouldn't be as passionate and alive for the Lord NOW. 

Every fiber of my being wants to shout from the tops of mountains and praise His Name.

My heart which was once consumed with fiery anger is now burning FOR God -- to bring thousands and thousands of people to Him.

Don't get me wrong -- my faith isn't perfect. It still endures trials, and I'm certainly not singing praises every day. I get exhausted lol.

But God wiped out all the angry sins of my heart, and He has made me new. A Genesis. A new creation, a new beginning, a rebirth.

If you’re experiencing a great flood in your own life right now - whether its been 40 days or 40 years - have faith that the Lord will soon calm the storms and give you new life, and make you your very own genesis.

And as the New Year unfolds, give thanks. Always.

Peace be with you, my gorgeous faithful sister.