Letter of James // Day 13

James 5:7-12


Sisters, this is really your time with the Lord. This will be a challenge but so fruitful. There will also be a short reflection. Give this a chance and see where the Lord takes you.

There are a couple of different ways to do this but there is one way that I will point out. This is a simple way to pray. A great resource here is your prayer journal. 

1: Read the whole Scripture: James 5:7-12

2: Reflect on it for a short time (3 min or more) and see if any particular verse stands out to you.

3: Read the verse that stood out to you again.

4: Reflect on it and see if a particular word stands out to you (3 min or more)

5: Reflect on the word and see what the Lord is trying to point out to you.

You can go back and read any verses that you stood out to you and just spend a short time in prayer (silence) and listening to what God wants to point out to you. God will show up. He always does.


Establish your hearts, the coming of the Lord is at hand. 

These words struck a cord. Establish your hearts. Make ready. Prepare. Make sturdy. This past Sunday, we heard about Jonah and the Ninevites, & Paul proclaiming the coming of the Kingdom of God. [Third Sunday of Ordinary Time, Year B] Both Jonah & Paul were sent to proclaim the coming of the Lord. The words that Jonah & Paul used had to matter. They had to be said with intent. Their "yes" to the truth and their "no" to the sinful nature of the people had to stand firm. Their Yes had to mean Yes and their No mean No. They didn't back down. 

Does ours? Do we stand firm in our yeses and nos? Are we patient with ourselves when others refute our stance? Sometimes when we "go through the conversation" in our heads, we make ourselves strong. We build ourselves up & give ourselves a pep talk. But when faced with adversity or troubled waters, we quickly back down. How often do we give in? How often do we retreat when questioned about our positions? 

Sisters, have patience in the suffering of standing up for your yeses and your nos. Patient with yourself and patient with those that make you feel guilty for not giving in. 

Be God's,