Letter of James // Day 4

James 1: 19-27

How to do Lectio Devina:

Sisters, this is really your time with the Lord. This will be a challenge but so fruitful. There will also be a short reflection. Give this a chance and see where the Lord takes you.

There are a couple of different ways to do this but there is one way that I will point out. This is a simple way to pray. A great resource here is your prayer journal.

1: Read the whole Scripture: James 1:19-27

2: Reflect on it for a short time (3 min or more) and see if any particular verse stands out to you.

3: Read the verse that stood out to you again.

4: Reflect on it and see if a particular word stands out to you (3 min or more)

5: Reflect on the word and see what the Lord is trying to point out to you.

You can go back and read any verses that you stood out to you and just spend a short time in prayer (silence) and listening to what God wants to point out to you. God will show up. He always does.

Short Reflection

There is a saying, “Practice what you preach”.  Man, does this hit home to me. “but be doers of the word and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.”

I do try to be a good person. I go to mass every Sunday, I pray, I even try to go to mass during the week. I was a full time missionary for two years and have gone on mission trips, and I used to work with the youth at my parish. I have a degree in theology. I have learned a lot. I have done a lot of good. Since I have done things for God, I can sometimes fall into this prideful mindset of “yea, I’ve done so much before, I know what I’m talking about and you don’t.” I may not say this out loud but I recently learned that in certain situations, I can have this attitude.

This mindset keeps me mediocre and makes it hard for someone to call me out because I will get defensive and argue back. I know I am not perfect but sometimes it’s hard to see my own imperfections. I know I need to remember that I am a sinner in constant need of God’s mercy and in need of constant conversion. You know what helps me with this? The Rosary.

Mary helps me get so close to God. Going through the mysteries of the rosary helps me to focus on God and dive deeper with him. When we get closer to God, our imperfections are revealed to us also.  Kind of like, as we get closer to the light, the shadows that were in our heart start to go away with the light and whatever sin was hiding in that darkness is now revealed.

Our Lady loves us so much! Every time I come away with a conversation with Mary, I can’t help but feel closer to God and like I just talked to him too. She wants us to get so close to her son. She keeps nothing for herself and gives everything to her Son. Mary definitely does this for me.

Mary was a doer of the word and not just a hearer. She is the greatest example of someone who not only said yes to God but lived her life according to his word.

Sisters, I encourage you all to look to Mother Mary’s example of love and obedience to God, in saying yes to being doers of the word (especially with how we speak) everyday and every moment. If it’s hard for you to understand Mary and her role, ask Jesus to help you. I didn’t know much about her but Jesus is the one who led me to her. Now, I know I can get closer to him, through her.  God bless you sisters.

Remember, no matter what, you are loved!